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Opensignal has just published its latest take on 5G network performance throughout the world which looked at several factors including speed, experience, uplift, availability and reach. Surprisingly, Malaysia is part of the new report as well even though the government and several major telco players still have yet to sort out their differences regarding the 5G rollout.

In its new Benchmarking The Global 5G Experience report for June 2022, Opensignal noted that Malaysia is ranked second in the world when it comes to average and peak download speed at 382.2Mbps and 880.3Mbps, respectively. Not enough with that, Malaysia topped the upload speed ranking as well at 50.3Mbps.

Opensignal - Benchmarking the Global 5G Experience - June 2022
[Image: Opensignal.]

At a glance, the chart seemed to indicate that Malaysia has fared better than many developed countries when it comes to 5G. However, before you get too excited about this news regardless of whether in a positive or negative manner, do consider the state of the 5G network in Malaysia at the moment.

First, it is currently available only in a handful of areas within Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Johor. Second, there is only one telco offering it at the moment which is YTL Communications via Yes FT5G, Infinite, and Infinite+ plans.

Yes 5G SIM Pack v2
Up until June 2022, Yes remained the only 5G telco in the country.

So, in general, 5G in Malaysia still have a limited reach and coverage which means there is a very small pool of users out there.  Hence, this could be the reason why the results that Opensignal have observed in Malaysia looked rather fantastic as each user are able to obtain a larger share of bandwidth from the available capacity.

Additionally, the company has also clearly pointed out that the 5G experience in Malaysia could drop significantly once more operators and users come on board. That could come sooner than later as the government has stood its ground and will not extend the deadline on 30 June 2022 for the remaining local telcos to accept or decline its offer regarding the stake in the national 5G company, Digital Nasional Berhad.

5G Coverage Malaysia on 22 June 2022
The coverage map on DNB’s website as captured at 11:57 AM today. 

Aside from the speed perspective, Malaysia has also managed to become one of the Top 15 countries in terms of Games Experience as well as uplifts in terms of download speed and video experience. You can check out the full report over at Opensignal’s website right here.

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