NVIDIA officially announced that it will be releasing a new upscaling technology known as Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution, of DLDSR for short. The revelation was made as part of a response to AMD’s own Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) feature that it had announced during its CES 2022 keynote.

As per the official fluff, DLDSR is set to be the successor to NVIDIA’s Dynamic Super Resolution downscaling technology, which has been available as part of GeForce drivers for some time now. What sets the new feature apart from its predecessor is the inclusion of an AI layer, powered by NVIDIA’s Tensor cores. On that note, it should be clear that the new feature will only be available to GeForce RTX series graphics cards.

As for how it will work, DLDSR will render games at higher, more detailed resolution, before “intelligently” shrinking the results down to the native resolution of your monitor. In theory, this downscaling technique should improve image quality, enhancing details, smoothing edges, and reduce shimmering.

(Image source: NVIDIA.)

As for when the new feature will be available, NVIDIA is expected to make DLDSR accessible from 14 January onwards via its GeForce Drivers. In addition to DLDSR, NVIDIA is also partnering up with ReShade, in order to add new custom ReShare FreeStyle filters into GeForce Experience. This includes Screen Space Ray Trace Global Illumination (SSRTGI), SSAO, and Dynamic Depth of Field (DOF). Like DLDSR, the new filters are expected to be available on 14 January too.

(Source: NVIDIA via Videocardz)

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