Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet Violet

As is tradition for the biggest entertainment franchise in the world, every new generation of Pokemon games signal a special edition for the platform it will be playable on. For Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, this is the Nintendo Switch. And since the OLED model is the latest variant, it is the one to get the special edition.

In terms of colours, the Joy-Cons of this Nintendo Switch OLED are, let’s say faithful, to the name of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Or more specifically, orange and purple, to fit the Naranja and Uva (orange and grape in Spanish, respectively) Academies, the names of the school the player attends in each version of the game. There’s even the matching badges of each school at the bottom corner. But beyond these details, things are pretty tame.

Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet Violet front
Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet Violet back
Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet Violet dock

At the back though is where things start to get wild. There are plenty of prints  depicting the three starters, the two school badges and other things like Poke Balls plastered all around, again in the two colours of the game. It makes this special edition Nintendo Switch OLED very striking, but it’s still a bit of a mess to look at.

The dock that comes with this Nintendo Switch OLED though, is really the best part of the special edition. It simply features the two poster Legendary Pokemon, Koraidon and Miraidon, in their respective colours, with a faint frame in the background. Simple, clean and elegant, and such a joy to look at.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet and Violet special edition will be available starting 4 November 2022, two weeks before the games release. As usual, the special edition device does not come with either of the games, which must be bought separately. No pricing details were provided, but it’s likely to be close to, if not exactly the same as, the previous special edition mode which featured Splatoon 3. This was announced with a price of US$359.99 (~RM1619).

(Source: Nintendo / YouTube)

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