Razer Zephyr Pro voice amplification feature

Razer has unveiled its new Zephyr Pro face mask during CES 2022 earlier today. Despite sporting the “Pro” moniker, the product is actually a slightly updated variant of its predecessor that was launched in October last year – equipped with a missing feature that was promised on the original model: voice amplification.

When the company officially announced the finalised version of its Project Hazel face mask, it initially intended that the product will include all of the proposed features of the prototype. However, according to Razer, the voice amplification function was dropped due to concerns regarding the Zephyr’s weight and battery. This exclusion, undeniably, disappointed fans but despite this, the mask still sold out not long after it was officially released via the company’s website.

As mentioned earlier, the new Zephyr Pro finally comes with the feature, which is promised to amplify your voice by 60 decibels up to one meter away via its built-in microphone and speaker system. Apart from that, the mask retains all of the original functionalities of its predecessor, including dual-fan active filtration system with N95 filters and the brand’s signature Chroma RGB lighting. Razer did not detail whether it will come with a similar or an entirely different battery pack, however.

Razer Zephyr Pro voice amplification feature
Photo: Razer

Being considered as a “Pro” model that packs an additional feature not found on the original release (despite its initial proposal), the updated Zephyr mask will also cost more. According to Razer, the product will be sold at US$150 (~RM630) and is expected to be released sometime in 2022. In addition, a US$200 starter pack option is also available for your consideration, which includes 100-days worth of filters for the mask.

(Source: Razer [Official website])

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