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Good mobile games are few and far in between. Despite this, Monument Valley and its sequel, released in 2014 and 2017 respectively, stand out as really great examples of the potential for mobile games when done right. Now, these great games are coming to PC in their Panoramic Editions.

Both Monument Valley and its sequel are played on mobile in portrait mode. So their Panoramic Edition releases on PC not only makes sense, but also open up more of the beautiful background that accompanies every level. And it’s not just for the usual 16:9 screens either, as these PC ports also come with support for 21:9 aspect ratios. Naturally, there will also be support for keyboard and mouse controls.

Monument Valley Panoramic Edition screenshot
Source: Steam.

If you are unfamiliar with the Monument Valley series, the game sees you guiding the protagonist through levels, opening paths via intelligent manipulation of angles. You can rotate certain parts of structures, letting the power of optical illusion create impossible paths.

These puzzles can sometimes be tricky, but never to the point of frustration. As a result though, these games are very short, and you can complete them in a single long sitting. On the flip side, whenever you get stumped by a puzzle, you can take a break by just taking in the beautiful background, which may sometimes serve as a source of inspiration.

Monument Valley II Panoramic Edition screenshot
Source: Steam.

As mentioned, both Monument Valley games are not exactly new. So you might be wondering “why now” for these PC ports. According to the devs at Ustwo Games, “what was initially an experiment quickly ended up becoming something more”. Which suggests that it was not something that was planned.

Either way, Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition, and its sequel, will both be available on Steam starting 12 July with all their DLC included. You can get them separately, or as a bundle at a discount. Steam is not listing their local prices yet, but according to Engadget, each game will cost US$8 (~RM35), with the bundle slashing 15% off.

(Source: Steam, Ustwo Games / Twitter, Engadget)

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