Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak NPC hunters

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released on both PC and the Nintendo Switch on 30 June 2022. The game got a trailer back in March to announce this release date. Since then, a new trailer has been released, revealing more new features that hunters can expect from the Master rank (G-rank) expansion.

Another detail about the new flagship Elder dragon has been revealed, which is the name Malzeno. But probably more importantly, the trailer also showcases another returning monster, Seregios, the flagship monster of MH4U, coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Then there are the usual new subspecies for the monsters first introduced this generation.

As for gameplay additions, there’s something called the Switch Skill Swap. This allows hunters to switch between Switch Skill loadouts, granting more flexibility in combat. Though the most drastic change to the formula is the addition of NPC hunter companions in hunts. This means you can have AI controlled hunters in your party when playing alone, instead of just your Palico or Palamute.

To recap, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and all the new features it brings with it will be available on 30 June on both PC and the Nintendo Switch. As we mentioned before, if you don’t already have Rise, there will likely be a bundle to get both.

(Source: Capcom / YouTube)

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