Maybank Apple Pay

Just hours after the dedicated section for Apple Pay on AmBank’s website went live, the same has happened for Maybank. It is unclear whether the dedicated page is supposed to go live already but it is quite clear: Apple Pay is about to make its debut in Malaysia.

First shared by Lowyat.NET Forums user HumanLobster, among the information provided by the page at the moment is the list of Maybank cards that can be used with Apple Pay [pdf]. Here it is, reproduced in full:

Maybank Visa

  • Maybank Visa Infinite Diamante Card
  • Maybank Visa Infinite Card
  • Maybank Manchester United Visa Infinite Card
  • Maybank Islamic Ikhwan Visa Infinite Card-i
  • Maybank Visa Signature Card
  • Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card
  • Maybank Shopee Visa Platinum Card
  • Petronas Maybank Visa Platinum Card
  • Maybank Islamic Petronas Ikhwan Visa Platinum Card-i
  • Maybank 2 Visa Platinum Card
  • Maybank Visa Platinum Card
  • Maybank Manchester United Visa Card
  • Maybank Manchester United Visa Limited Edition 2022 Credit Card
  • Petronas Maybank Visa Gold Card
  • Maybank 2 Visa Gold Card
  • Maybank Visa Gold Card
  • Maybank Visa Classic Card
  • Maybank Visa Debit Card
  • Maybank Manchester United Visa Debit Card
  • Maybank Manchester United Visa Limited Edition 2022 Debit Card
  • Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Debit Card
  • Tokyo 2020 Maybank Visa LED Debit Card
  • Maybank MAE Debit Card
  • Maybank Visa Manchester United Prepaid Card

Maybank Mastercard®

  • Maybank World Mastercard® Card
  • Maybank Islamic World Mastercard® Ikhwan Card
  • Maybank Grab Mastercard® Platinum Black Card
  • Maybank Grab Mastercard® Platinum White Card
  • Maybank 2 Mastercard® Platinum Card
  • Maybank Mastercard® Platinum Card
  • Maybank Islamic Mastercard® Ikhwan Platinum Card
  • Maybank 2 Mastercard® Gold Card
  • Maybank Mastercard® Gold Card
  • Maybank Islamic Mastercard® Ikhwan Gold Card
  • Maybank Mastercard® Platinum Debit Card
  • Maybank Mastercard® Classic Card

As you might notice, the bank’s American Express (AMEX) cards will not be supported by Apple Pay at launch. That being said, the FAQ document released by the bank [pdf] said that customers will be able to add their AMEX cards in the near future.

At the same time, Maybank Corporate Cards including those issued by Maybank Islamic are not supported by Apple Pay too. Despite what we have witnessed here, you are still not able to add eligible Maybank cards into the Wallet app which indicates that Apple is not yet ready to open Apple Pay to Malaysian users just yet.

Maybank Apple Pay
The images that we managed to extract from Maybank’s website were rather small in size but here is a glimpse of Maybank’s Visa card in action with Apple Pay. [Image: Maybank.]

We will be updating this story with more information as we go through the new Apple Pay page on Maybank’s website, so make sure to come back and refresh this story.

[UPDATE – 9:15 PM]

Not long after our report was published, it seemed that Maybank has decided to pull out the webpage which means it is not supposed to go live today. This mirrored the same behaviour as per AmBank earlier today which decided to take its Apple Pay page down not long after it became public knowledge.

Maybank Apple Pay
The brief guide that Maybank has put up on its website, as captured at 9:00 PM today.

In case you missed the page, other information contained within it is the steps to activate Apple Pay for one’s Maybank card. The brief guide is generally similar to what Apple has noted inside its support document which starts by tapping the “+” icon inside the Wallet app on users’ iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

According to the FAQ document that has since been taken down by the bank, customers can also add their card to Apple Pay from the MAE app. This can be done from the Card’s dashboard inside the app’s Maybank2u section although our quick check showed that this method is still not yet accessible.

Maybank Apple Pay
These signboards were included inside the FAQ document for Maybank merchants. The FAQ has also been taken down by the bank.

On a related note, the FAQ document also said that a user can add up to 10 Maybank cards into Apple Pay. It also said that users can add their Maybank card to multiple Apple devices with 10 being the maximum number of devices allowed.

Given what we have seen on the page as well as the accompanying FAQ documents, we reckoned Maybank is quite ready to let its customers utilize Apple Pay. The only thing left now is for the bank and Apple to open the gate.

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