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KTMB and Etiqa have just launched a new Integrated Ticketing System (KITS) Passenger Takaful Plan, a protection plan for Electric Train Service (ETS) passengers. The plan insures individuals against any accidents, thefts, delays, and other circumstances while on their journey.

The Passenger Takaful Plan is divided into the basic plan and the premium plan, which cost an additional RM1 and RM1.50 respectively on top of the ticket price. Any passengers over 30 days old or under 80 years old are eligible to be covered under the plan, with the insurance being non-refundable unless your trip was rescheduled or cancelled by KTMB or you get a counter ticket refund within one hour after purchase.

As for the coverage itself, passengers with the basic plan will be covered for up to RM500 for loss or damage of personal luggage and up to RM1,000 with the premium plan. However, this comes with a lot of caveats as it does not cover theft of jewellery, laptops, cameras, cash, tablets, and smartphones, which would make up the bulk of your valuables.

Premium users get up to RM50,000 for accidental deaths and permanent disablements due to accidents on the train, while basic users get up to RM25,000, but both plans cover medical expenses up to RM5,000. Other than the difference in payout amount, the premium plan also provides you with three additional benefits that the basic Passenger Takaful Plan lacks.

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For one thing, passengers under the premium plan can get up to RM1,500 in daily government hospitalisation allowance. They are also eligible to get a RM50 compensation for every four hours of a train delay up to RM100. Last but not least, if you need to cancel your trip due to a death in the family or are facing a natural disaster, you will get a full refund on your ticket.

The KITS Passenger Takaful Plan from KTMB is available now as an add-on when you buy ETS tickets. It can be purchased at any KTMB counter, kiosk, or the company’s website and mobile app.

(Source: KTMB [PDF])

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