Kingston is expanding its FURY memory lineup to the laptop segment with the launch of the Impact DDR5 SODIMMs. Specifically, the new memory lineup is designed to work with Intel’s latest 12th generation Alder Lake Mobile systems.

In terms of performance, Kingston says that its FURY Impact DDR5 SODIMMs are approximately 50% faster than DDR4, thus providing a boost in a variety of tasks, including gaming, rendering, and multi-tasking.

Specs-wise, the new FURY Impact DDR5 SODIMM memory comes in capacities of 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, and is available in kits of two: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Regardless of capacities, all memory sticks have a standard frequency of 4800MT/s, CL38 latencies, and operating voltage of 1.1V. Additionally, they are also Intel XMP 3.0 Certified, as well as made for Plug-N-Play functionality.

(Image source: Kingston.)

Kingston’s FURY Impact DDR5 SODIMM memory kits are already available for purchase, with prices starting at RM499 for 8GB, RM799 for 16GB, and RM1499 for 32GB. Do note that these prices are per stick and not for kits of two.

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