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The Public Service Department (JPA) has formed a special team to study the viability of implementing a four-day work week in the country, following requests for a thorough analysis from various parties. JPA Director-General Mohd Shafiq Abdullah said that a lot of issues need to be ironed out before implementation as there are many different kinds of jobs.

According to the Director-General, the team’s directive is to research what sectors are suitable for the shorter work week, as well as the maximum and minimum working hours based on the Employment Act 1955, before making a decision. He added that work days and breaks would also need to be examined. An amendment to the Employment Act that will soon come into force will see maximum working hours be reduced from 48 to 45 hours per week.

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“A few countries in Europe have implemented the four-day working week, but only for certain jobs,” said Shafiq. While he didn’t give an exact timeline on when the study would be concluded, he said that it would not take long.

The four-day work week has been in the news as of late because the UK has started a large six-month trial of the practice involving 3,300 employees with the involvement of 70 companies. Earlier this year, Belgium became the latest country to implement a four-day work week option, with trials being conducted or considered in countries such as Iceland, Scotland, Spain, Japan, and the US.

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The federal government is not the only authority that is mulling over shortening the work week, as the Johor state government is also considering implementing a 4.5-day working week following the United Arab Emirates. That being said, a recent survey has revealed that six in 10 Malaysian workers would actually prefer flexibility over a four-day work week.

Speaking of which, the country will legally require employers to approve or reject employee requests for flexible working arrangements starting 1 September, with written justification required for any rejections. On a related note, a researcher has claimed that flexibility for workers can help reduce the stress brought on by their daily commute as congestion in the country worsens.

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