Intel Pentium / Intel Celeron

Intel has announced that the company will stop using the Pentium and Celeron branding for notebooks processors starting in 2023. At the moment, both brandings are being used for Intel’s entry-level offerings as the higher-end products are being represented by the Intel Core branding which itself has several tiers from Core i9 to Core i3.

The discontinuation of both brandings does not mean Intel will no longer offer entry-level products though. The company is still committed to producing such processors although they will all fall under a new branding which is simply called Intel Processor.

Intel Processor Branding 2023
The logo that the company will use for the Intel Processor family next year. [Image: Intel.]

The company has noted that the discontinuation of Pentium and Celeron branding will not affect existing processors. This means you are still going to see them around as long as they continue to be available in retail stores while stocks last.

While Pentium is now known more as a budget brand, there was a time when it was the main poster boy of Intel. Introduced in 1993, the brand’s reign started to end when Intel introduced the first generation Core processors in 2006.

Intel Pentium / Intel Celeron
The original logos for Pentium and Celeron. [Image: Logopedia – (1)(2)]

On the other hand, the Celeron branding which was first launched in 1998 has always been designated as the budget counterpart to Pentium. After the Pentium branding was repositioned to cover the budget segment while Atom was transformed into server products, Celeron processors became the lowest-end offerings from Intel for the market.

According to Intel’s product database, there are currently seven Pentium and eight Celeron processors within the Alder Lake family which is also where the 12th Gen Core processors come from. They are being bookended by the Pentium Gold 8505 on one end while there is the Celeron 7305 on the other end.

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