Intel officially added seven new processors to its Alder Lake mobile CPU family. More specifically, the new processors are a part of its H-Series lineup, which caters for enthusiast-level laptops.

Known as the Core HX series, these new processors are not so much made for the consumer-ready laptop market and instead caters for content creators and professionals looking for a portable workstation with solid CPU performance.

Specs-wise, the HX Series has CPUs fitted with up to 16-cores, 24-threads, with eight of those cores being P-Cores and the remaining eight being E-Cores. As with all 12th generation processors, the HX Series also benefit from Intel-specific features, including Thread Director and overclocking support across all SKUs.

In addition, the HX series provides broad memory support for both DDR4 and DDR5 memory, with frequencies of 3200MHz for DDR4 and 4800MHz for DDR5. They also support up to 128GB in terms of capacity, as well as ECC memory too.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Intel 12th generation CPUs without the support for PCIe Gen5, to which the provided lanes can support up to 4x SDs and 2x discrete Thunderbolt controllers.

In regards to the seven CPUs, the new HX-Series processors are divided into two Core i5 SKUs, three Core i7 SKUs, and two Core i9 CPUs. Regardless of the model, all HX-Series CPUs have a base TDP of 55W, but can be pushed to draw as much as 157W from the wall when needed.

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