At the end of Intel pre-recorded launch of its ARC Alchemist GPU for laptops yesterday, the chipmaker ended its presentation by leaving us wanting more. What it did was give us a glimpse and, officially, a first look at its ARC Limited Edition desktop graphics card, in all its 3D glory.

Unsurprisingly, the brief video clip gives us no detail or insight of the card’s specification and as such, is devoid of any under-the-hood details. What it does show, though, is the card digitally manifesting itself into existence, showing us the reference design of the card when it does launch, with the words “Limited Edition” seemingly lasered or machine etched just under the Intel ARC logo.

For another matter, we now know that the Limited Edition reference cooler is using a dual-fan configuration and unlike AMD’s own Radeon RX 6000 series reference design, there is a cutout at the spine of the card, which translates into more efficient cooling for the card. Ports-wise, we can make three DisplayPort ports and one HDMI port at the side of the card.

As for when we can expect the card, the video ends with the words “Coming Summer 2022” but again, there is no specific date being given. If we were to make a speculation though, it seems likely that the chipmaker could plan on dropping the card either before or after the launch of its ARC 5 and ARC 7 mobile GPU for laptops.

(Source: Intel)

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