In light of the recent report about the availability of its ARC-powered laptops, Intel is finally addressing the statement it made as a response to one user’s query on Twitter. According to the chipmaker, its laptops with ARC GPUs are available, but only in one country at the moment: South Korea.

As it turns out, the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro is still one of the first laptops to launch with the lower-tier ARC A350M GPU, and a quick search on the product’s official page confirms its authenticity and existence in the market. Other specifications of the laptop include an Intel Core i7-1260P, 32GB RAM, and what we’re assuming is a 1TB NVMe Gen4 SSD.

For another matter, Intel also confirmed in the same tweet that additional OEMs in other regions will be showcasing their systems within the coming weeks, but fell short of telling when or which OEMS will be following right after Samsung’s Galaxy Book2 Pro.

(Image source: Samsung.)

That said, it doesn’t look like the laptop is one of the more popular choices, even in its native South Korea. Despite the Core i7 and 32GB RAM, it is important to remember that the ARC3 GPU it is rocking is still one of the lower-tier SKUs of Intel’s ARC lineup.

(Source: Samsung, Intel via Twitter)

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