Intel is only just starting to nestle in with its 12th generation Alder Lake, and rumours about its 14th generation lineup, codenamed Meteor Lake, are increasing in frequency. That rumour, by the way, is now suggesting that the lineup could sport a different and newer socket.

The rumour was first thrown about by none other than popular Youtuber and industry leaskter, Moore’s Law Is Dead (MLID). In his latest video, MLID surmises that Intel may be planning on ditching its original promise of keeping the LGA1700 socket for at least three generations, starting with Alder Lake and going all the way into Meteor Lake.

Instead, MLID says that Intel may use Meteor Lake to introduce a brand new LGA2551 socket. To that end, the new socket will allegedly be only slightly bigger than Socket LGA1700; MLID says Socket LGA2551 may only be approximately 0.5mm wider, and 1mm taller, but it will supposedly have 50% more pins on the CPU’s undercarriage. Compared to LGA1700, of course.

MLID also provided a screenshot of the alleged Socket LGA2551, but as it stands, it is still difficult to verify if this is actually the real McCoy.

Of course, Socket LGA2551 wasn’t the only topic MLID had to speak about in his channel. He also touched on Arrow Lake, which itself is the successor to Meteor Lake, and how its CPUs could go up to having a hybrid core count comprising eight P-Cores and 32 E-Cores, using Intel’s 20A architecture. Not only that, but he also spoke about a new architecture called “Lion Cove” and how this was to be the architecture involving legendary chip designer, Jim Keller.

(Image source: MLID via Videocardz.)

As with all rumours, this one about LGA2551 remains as unsubstantiated as other rumours that were churned out by the mill. So, take it with our usual warning for sodium consumption.

(Source: Moore’s Law Is Dead, Videocardz)

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