Instagram Individual Content Shared Through QR Codes

Instagram has rolled out a new feature that allows you to now share individual content via QR codes. In a way, this expands on the platform’s existing ability which only enabled users to share their profile pages through the same method.

This time around, QR codes can be used to share a variety of content on Instagram, including photos, videos, Reels, tags, and even locations from a user’s own account. To do this, press the “three dots” icon that is usually located on the top right corner of a post and then select QR Code. For tags and locations, on the other hand, simply tap on them to bring up their respective overviews, and then click the QR Code option after tapping the “three dots” icon.

Doing so will bring up a customisation pop-up which lets you change the colour of the code before saving it onto your device’s camera roll. Details that are displayed beneath the code will depend on the type of content that you’re sharing. For instance, sharing a QR code of a photo, video or Reel will show their upload date and the creator’s user handle, whereas tags and locations will display their respective hashtags and geotags. 

Instagram Individual Content Shared Through QR Codes
Instagram Individual Content Shared Through QR Codes

Neither Instagram or its parent company Meta has officially announced the new QR code feature, which was recently discovered by several users on Twitter. When approached by TechCrunch, a company spokesperson states that the new ability is aimed at making it easier for people and businesses to share specific contents to their audience. It’s also worth noting that app reverse engineer Alesssandro Paluzzi first reported on the feature’s development back in March of this year.

We can confirm that this addition is now available to Instagram users in Malaysia, as you probably can already tell by the screenshots that we’ve included in this article. And if you wish to try out the new QR code feature for yourself, be sure to update the app to the latest version that is currently available.

(Source: TechCrunch)

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