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Earlier in the year, Maxis launched the Hotlink Prepaid Pantas plan to replace what was previously the Internet 365 plan. This, alongside the older Unlimited plan, were the two options available to those who still prefer the prepaid model over postpaid. But now it looks like there are two new options added to the mix, called the Streaming and Work From Home plans.

So what exactly do these plans offer? Starting with the Hotlink Streaming plan, you get a choice of three internet passes per month. These are 25GB of mobile data for RM40, 15GB for RM25, or 5GB for RM20. All these have a 30-day validity period. If you’re looking for 1-week or 1-day passes, These give you 4GB for RM10 and 2GB for RM3, respectively. An additional bonus is that you get a 5% discount for in-app purchases on both Google Play and Apple App Stores via Maxis Direct Carrier Billing.

As for where the streaming part of the name comes into play, you get unlimited data to be used on selected streaming apps from 6AM to 6PM. These are TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, VIU, Spotify and JOOX. It’s strange enough that the streaming apps only get unlimited data for half a day, but streaming outside this window also eats into your monthly data quota as well.

Hotlink Streaming WFH plans details

The speeds for this new Hotlink plan are not truly uncapped either, as FUP kicks in and locks your streaming speed to 512kbps once you hit the 100GB threshold for the monthly passes. This translates to 25GB and 5GB for the weekly and daily passes, respectively.

The second new Hotlink plan, Work From Home, offers the same five mobile data passes, the 5% discount, and the same FUP thresholds. But instead of streaming apps, you get “unlimited” access to select online productivity and messaging apps. This list includes Microsoft Office 365, Teams, OneDrive and Outlook, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Zoom and Google Meet.

There’s no specified time window, so on one hand, you can work at any time you need to. But on the other, if you work too hard, expect your Zoom, Meet and Teams meetings to be quite unpleasant at the later stages when FUP kicks in.

Source: Hotlink.

Also worth noting is that you don’t get unlimited calls or texts with either of these new Hotlink plans, so expect to be billed if you need to make the odd work call. You can find out more my heading to the official Hotlink website, as well as the FAQ pages for these new plans, linked below.

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