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Thanks to the Playable Teaser for the cancelled Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima has already given the world a taste of what a horror game that he directs would feel like. And it looks like he already is working on one, titled Overdose.

Via Try Hard Guides, reliable video games leakster Tom Henderson reports that the game does not look to be a sequel to Death Stranding. That being said, it does feature, if not outright star, Margaret Qualley, who played Mama and Lockne in said game.

Henderson claims to also have early footage of the game which shows Qualley’s character navigating dark corridors with a flash light. The clip, which is reportedly primarily in third person, ends with a jump scare which leads to a Game Over screen, before finally showing the title Overdose.

On Twitter, Henderson has also claimed that Kojima Productions has since asked for the article to be removed. He has denied the request, but the request lends credence to the details in the report. On a related note, an image that partially reveals the Overdose logo has also made its way online. This suggests that the name is more than just a working title.

Ever since public falling out between Hideo Kojima and Konami, there have been a lot of rumours a Silent Hill remake, many of which the publisher has shot down. While this doesn’t look to be the reboot that fans were hoping for, it’s probably for the better. At the very least, it allows for Kojima to start fresh, Though the name Overdose is an interesting choice, whatever the name is meant to imply.

As an aside, it’s also interesting to see Margaret Qualley being able to star in another Kojima game, especially considering Stefanie Joosten only got to play a major character in one game. But that could be more a Konami thing rather than Kojima.

(Source: Tom Henderson [1], [2] via VGC)

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