Now that NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4080 graphics have had a few days to get settled, it’s time to compile a list of all the brand’s AIB partners and their respective custom-cooling solutions for the new GPU. As we did with the RTX 4090 and all its partner cards as well, we will update the list accordingly with the cards from brands that are officially in Malaysia.

Then as now too, we think it is important that, aside from the custom tweaks and modifications provided by each AIB partner, all RTX 4080 cards listed here are based on the same AD103 Ada Lovelace GPU, the same 16GB GDDR6X graphics memory and 22.4Gbps memory bandwidth, 256-bit memory bus, as well as the 3rd generation RT Cores and 4th generation Tensor Cores.


Since we’ve already covered this in an earlier report, you can read about it in more detail there. In the interest of keeping things short and sweet, ASUS basically has two sub-brands of the RTX 4080: ROG Strix and TUF Gaming. The former is basically the brand’s top-tier lineup, while the TUF Gaming is what the brand is passing off as the “entry-level” version of NVIDIA’s graphics card.

For another matter, each lineup has two variants of the RTX 4080, a standard edition and an overclocked (OC) edition. Pricing for each card is as follows:

ASUS ROG Strix OC Edition- RM7999

ASUS ROG Strix – RM7899

ASUS TUF Gaming OC Edition – RM7399

ASUS TUF Gaming – RM6800


(Image source: Gigabyte.)

Just as it has done with the RTX 4090 and other cards from the previous generation, Gigabyte’s custom cooling solutions of the RTX 4080 extends across four lineups. Starting from the bottom, the lineups include the Eagle, Gaming, AERO, and AORUS Master.

Like ASUS, Gigabyte’s Eagle lineup has both a standard and OC Edition of the RTX 4080, but both the Gaming and AERO lineups are only available in an OC configuration. Below are the prices for each card.

Gigabyte AORUS Master- RM7,398

Gigabyte AERO OC – RM7,158

Gigabyte Gaming OC – RM6,973

Gigabyte Eagle OC – RM6,764

Gigabyte Eagle – RM6,556


In total, MSI appears to be releasing just three variations of the GeForce RTX 4080. Starting from the ground up, the lineup comprises the Ventus 3X OC, Gaming X Trio, and the SUPRIM X.

Regardless of their models though, each of the three SKU more or less share the same cooling technology, including its TORX Fan 5.0 technology, Tri Frozr III heatsink, and improved Airflow control via the connected fins, among other features.

Pricing for the cards are as listed below:

MSI Suprim X GeForce – RM7390

MSI Gaming X Trio – RM7090

MSI Ventus 3X – RM6800


(Image source: Palit via SunCycle.)

So far, Palit is the only brand on the list that is bringing in a single variant of the RTX 4080, the GameRock Edition. More specifically, it is the GameRock Midnight Kaleidoscope Edition, in which the front cooler shroud has been kitted out with sparkly rocks – Palit’s goal here was to make it so that the “bling” on it would shine and shimmer whenever it is turned on. We know – making it the most opulent and garish-looking card on the list.

Price-wise, the Palit GameRock Midnight Kaleidoscope RTX 4080 retails at RM6499.


(Image source: Zotac via Sun Cycle.)

As the last brand on the list at current, the brand’s distributor, Sun Cycle, is bringing in three RTX 4080 variants of under the Zotac name. These cards are the Trinity, Trinity OC, and sitting on the brand’s pedestal, the AMP Extreme AIRO, a custom design that was first introduced with the launch of its take on the RTX 4090.

As for how much each RTX 4080 model costs, the Trinity retails for RM6499, the Trinity OC at RM6699, and the AMP Extreme AIRO at RM6969.

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