Heineken Malaysia has launched the latest addition to its portfolio of award-winning beers and ciders – the premium wheat beer Edelweiss. Born in the Alps and made with all-natural mountain ingredients, Edelweiss is now available across Peninsular Malaysia in bottles, cans and on draught.

An easy-to-drink with a refreshing finish and a subtle fruity aftertaste, Edelweiss is a smooth wheat beer with a golden hue and a natural cloudiness. 

According to Heineken, the premium wheat beer is available fresh on draught in selected bars and restaurants, using the unique and innovative Edelweiss Blade draught machine. Stylish and beautifully-designed, the new Edelweiss Blade machine is a countertop draught dispenser which serves Edelweiss at a crisp Alpine temperature of 2°C.

Edelweiss is also available in 330ml bottles and in the new and sleek 330ml cans. Taller and more slender than a traditional beer can, the Edelweiss can’s modern look reflects the Alpine spirit of one of Europe’s best-loved wheat beers.

“Edelweiss has a distinctive golden cloudiness and delicious fruity aftertaste but it is about more than just great taste (as) it has this crisp, cool bite that leaves the drinker feeling refreshed,” said Marketing Director at HEINEKEN Malaysia, Pablo Chabot. “We have crafted this wheat beer to capture the spirit of the snow-capped peaks of Europe, where Edelweiss was born.”

Edelweiss Blade draught machines and 8-litre kegs are now available to rent on Drinkies.

Edelweiss is available for purchase across Peninsular Malaysia from now until 30 June at participating bars and restaurants. Even with the current lockdown, Malaysians can now experience the fun of tapping their own Edelweiss beer in the comfort and safety of their own homes as the Edelweiss Blade draught machines and 8-litre kegs are now available to rent on Drinkies. According to Heineken, with the latest Brewlock Draught technology, the beer’s freshness can be maintained for up to 30 days.