Google Pixel Tablet sneak peek

Google last made a tablet all the way back in 2018, in the form of the Pixel Slate. But rather than running Android, this is a tablet that runs Chrome OS. But at Google I/O, the internet search giant revealed that it’s working on a Pixel Tablet that runs on Android.

While the device was announced during the event, little has been revealed about it beyond the OS it will run, and the fact that it will come with a Google Tensor chip. As the company’s hardware head Rick Osterloh said during the event, this is merely a sneak peek of the device. It’s said to be “the perfect companion for your Pixel phone“, bridging your on-the-go life with your at-home life.

Google Pixel Tablet sneak peek 2
Source: Google / Youtube.

And that’s about it. In the over three hours long event, the segment involving the Google Pixel Tablet is just over a minute long. The company probably still has a lot of work to do on the tablet, as it will only be released sometime in 2023. Chances are it will get a proper reveal slot during next year’s I/O event, with the launch soon after, but that’s just speculation on our part.

On the Android tablet market, Samsung is among the few brands that are putting up new models on the regular. Though more recently there have been other entries by the likes of Nokia, OPPO and Lenovo, with the latter one probably the more interesting one as it tries to introduce the gaming niche that you’d usually find on phones instead.

But ultimately, if you’re looking for a tablet, it’s a market that’s pretty much dominated by Apple. While it’s unlikely that this status quo will be completely changed, it remains to be seen if the Google Pixel Tablet, alongside the company’s commitment to improve Android apps for large-screen devices, can at least shake things up.

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