PC Game Pass August 2022

Microsoft has announced another shuffling of its PC Game Pass library. This round, the company is adding seven games to the library at varying dates, the latest of which will arrive on 11 August. On the flip side, five games will be leaving the service, and their departure will all be on the same day, that is 15 August.

The biggest game that’s on PC Game Pass, arguably, is Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. It’s the earliest in the list to be added to the library this month, being already available to subscribers. While entries into the series have been sparse to say the least, this was probably the last entry to stay true-ish to its roots before Breakpoint came along and led the series astray. With all that being said, if you haven’t already played it, now’s probably the time to try out the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon entry that didn’t have RPG elements shoehorned in, alongside drone enemies.

Ghost Recon Wildlands
Source: Ubisoft / Microsoft.

Coming as soon as tomorrow, 4 August, to PC Game Pass are two games – Shenzhen I/O and Turbo Golf Racing. The former is an open-ended programming puzzle game that’s inspired by real-world electronics engineering, fitting its name. As for the latter, this is an arcade-style sports racing game that lets you jump, flip and fly your car. The Golf part of the name comes in the form of a giant golf ball, drawing parallels to Rocket League. Incidentally, this game is also scheduled to launch tomorrow, when it becomes available on PC Game Pass.

Turbo Golf Racing
Source: Secret Mode / Microsoft.

Coming later down the line on 9 August is Two Point Campus. In this, the objective is to build your ideal university. If the name sounds familiar, this is because it’s made by the same people behind Two Point Hospital.

Two Point Campus
Source: Sega / Microsoft.

And finally, on 11 August, you’ll get access to Cooking Simulator, Expeditions: Rome, and Offworld Trading Company. The first game has just about the most self-explanatory title there is. The second one is a turn-based RPG with ancient Rome as the setting. And the last one is an economic RTS that sees you fighting with market forces rather than actual weapons.

As mentioned earlier, five games will be leaving PC Game Pass on 15 August. They are Boyfriend Dungeon, Curse of the Dead Gods, Library of Ruina, Starmancer and Train Sim World 2. The familiar 20% membership discount for these games still apply.

(Source: Microsoft)

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