Local car subscription company Flux has recently unveiled a weekly subscription plan for electric vehicles. While EVs have been part of the company’s offering for some time, Flux has always remained true to its monthly subscription model.

There are three EV models currently listed on its website including Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Kona Electric, and Ora Good Cat. However, Flux did not specify the variant of Kona and Good Cat that it is offering to customers although, for the latter, it could be the Ultra variant since Flux’s website has listed the 500km range as one of the car’s features.

Flux Weekly EV Subscription
As captured on Flux’s website at 6:50 PM today.

As for the subscription fee, the company charges RM900 for the Leaf while the fee for Kona and Good Cat has been at RM1,100 and RM1,200, respectively. Taking the Leaf as an example, this translates to an average daily fee of around RM129 which is much lower than GoEV’s RM249 daily fee for the same car.

Of course, the subscription fee that we listed above is just the base price. According to Flux’s FAQ document, one also needs to provide a security deposit of 1-week subscription fee to sign up for the EV weekly plan.

Ora Good Cat
Ora Good Cat. [Image: Great Wall Motor.]

Once the payment has gone through, Flux will then deliver the EV of your choice within two working days. Naturally, the company will also pick up the EV personally once the subscription term has ended and customers should receive their deposit within three days if the car is returned safely.

Meanwhile, this is something that was not mentioned in the FAQ document but our quick chat with Flux’s customer service revealed that there is a mileage cap of 1,250km for each EV. This is equal to the service’s Lite mileage package.

hyundai kona electric
Hyundai Kona Electric.

If customers exceed the mileage limit, they then have to pay RM1.69 per km if they have already subscribed for the Leaf. For Kona and Good Cat, the excess mileage fees are RM2.93 and RM2.27, respectively.

Customers will also be provided with a 3-pin home charger and charging cable with their Flux’s EV but no ChargEV card though, which means you may want to learn how to use the various EV charging networks in the market. On another related note, Flux does not offer any extension options for its EV weekly plan and you have to pick up its monthly plan if you want to keep the EV for a longer period.

A 2019 Nissan Leaf. [Image: Nissan.]

In addition to that, the EV weekly plan is being offered as a time-limited promotion that will last until 11 September. As always with any subscription-based services, we do recommend you read through and fully understand Flux’s terms and conditions before going further.

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