EVGA is getting out of the graphics card market. According to the Tech YouTubers, JayZTwoCents and GamersNexus (GN), Andrew than, CEO of EVGA, broke the news to them when he went on both channels to discuss his decision to leave the market.

As for who EVGA is blaming, Han is squarely placing the blame on NVIDIA, accusing the GPU brand for being difficult and just being a “bad partner” outright. It should be noted that the two channels merely mentioned the situation but didn’t actually post the full interview. That’s because EVGA had put an embargo on those videos, and there’s still no tentative release date.

Instead, GN’s founder Steve Burke simply posted one of Han’s quote on the matter. “We are not going to be on [Nvidia CEO] Jensen [Huang]’s lap on stage, so I don’t want people to speculate what’s going on [when we’re not there],” Han said. “EVGA has decided not to carry the next gen.”

Tom’s Hardware had also reached out to EVGA for a comment on the matter, but was ultimately shown the way towards the brand’s forums, where the message in the next part was waiting.

“EVGA is committed to our customers and will continue to offer sales and support on the current lineup. Also, EVGA would like to say thank you to our great community for the many years of support and enthusiasm for EVGA graphics cards.” Again, another primary takeaway is that EVGA confirmed that it will not be carrying the next generation of NVIDIA GPUs and will only support current generation products and that it will “continue to provide the current generation products,” at least until its stocks run dry.

Not inherently mentioned, both GH and JayZTwoCents are under the impression that EVGA’s decision to terminate its more than 20 years partnership with NVIDIA is due to the latter’s alleged irresponsibility, which includes not doing its due diligence, such as furnishing the necessary information to the soon-to-be ex-GPU maker. Such as MSRP, the cost to buy its GPU chips; withholding all that information right up to the 11th hour.

And that is to say nothing of the GPU brand’s talks of price ceiling and restrictions to the type of changes EVGA can make to the GPU, including options like adding more memory.

In any case, EVGA says that, despite its choosing to divorce itself from NVIDIA, it currently has no plans of partnering up with either AMD or Intel. In fact, it just plans on focusing on its other already existing product lines, which include PSUs, CPU coolers, and motherboards, among other things.

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