This was first published as the editors note in the MARKETING Weekender Issue 293

Like an elder brother, you opened your campus 

to help me start the Malaysian Creative Circle Awards. 

Like a true statesman, you hosted kings and world leaders 

with the same grace you belanja me durian coffee 

and dinner at the MO. 

Like a patient soul, you invited me to join you on 

your journey to conquer the world but I always hesitated. 

Like an eternal optimist, you urged me to run for President of MERCY Malaysia when I told you I was already its ExCo member.

Like a knowing friend, you replied 

”Everyone got poorer. So you are doing great!” when I 

lamented “Last year wasn’t great as I got poorer”. 

Like a bigger man, you never said No to me 

even when I said No to you.

Like a man immune to hate, you didn’t care when 

I announced you were underrated by the overrated. 

Like a cheerful buddy, our cheeky banter was always a joy 

and I will miss you dearly Big Brother…. 

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