Hours before its CES press conference was scheduled to take place, several videos regarding BMW colour changing technology have made their way online. At that time, details regarding impressive looking technology were not yet available but that has since changed.

As it turns out, the BMW Flow colour changing technology which was showcased through a concept car called BMW iX Flow is made possible through the usage of electronic paper technology made by E Ink. In case you are wondering, yes, it is the same technology that was mainly used by e-readers such as Amazon Kindle.

BMW iX Flow Concept Car. [Image: BMW.]

Both companies have worked together to come out with a laser-cut body wrap that is specially made for the BMW iX Flow concept car and features a design film called E Ink Prism. This particular film was originally launched by E Ink back in 2015 and can display several colours although BMW has somehow decided to stick with black and white for the concept car.

The Project Lead for BMW iX Flow, Stella Clarke pointed out that extensive personalization is one of the main benefits that the implementation of E Ink-based skin can bring to BMW’s customers and the automotive world in general. Other than that, it can also be used to show information such as battery status and car-sharing availability as well as increase its visibility in case one can’t spot the vehicle in the parking lot.

Stella Clarke, the Project Lead of BMW iX Flow. [Image: BMW]

The BMW Flow colour changing technology can also be used as a climate control tool given how light colours are much better at reflecting the sunlight while dark colours can absorb more warmth from the sun. Hence, it is possible to reduce the cooling (or heating for those who live in cold countries) needed for a vehicle if its colour could dynamically change according to the weather condition.

As per most concept cars out there, the BMW iX Flow is not available for sale and the same also applies to the BMW Flow colour changing technology as well. While it might be a technology showcase piece (for now), the ideas as well as the potential usages represented by BMX iX Flow, seemed sound enough to be implemented in future products one way or another.

(Source: BMW, E Ink.)

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