Dyzon Zone

Dyson first announced its Zone headphones and air purifier combo back in March of this year. It’s been awhile since then to say the least, but the company has finally revealed a little bit more details about what consumers can expect from its interesting first step into the consumer audio space.

If you need to be caught up to speed, the Dyson Zone is essentially the combination of the company’s air purifier tech with your usual headphones. Except that this particular combination turns the ear cups into vacuums that suck in air, which is filtered as it moves from the cup to the visor in front. From there, the cleaned air will be blasted to the user’s nose and mouth.

Dyson Zone w visor
Source: Tom Williap Chapman / Dyson.

Now, the company has revealed a bit more details on the Dyson Zone. One of which is its battery life, which the company rates at 50 hours of audio-only runtime. With the air purification side of things turned on, this can be anywhere from six hours all the way down to 90 minutes depending on the intensity of the air purification.

Within the cups of the Dyson Zone themselves, there are 40mm neodymium drivers, with a frequency range rated at between 2Hz and 21kHz, and a 16-ohm impedance. On the inside and outside are a total of eight microphones that drive the hybrid ANC tech of the headphones. An additional one helps with the beamforming tech used to get your voice for calls. Dyson says that there are 11 microphones in total, though it’s unclear what the remaining two do.

Dyson Zone outdoor
Source: Tom Williap Chapman / Dyson.

The company also claims that the headphones is made more like ear defenders. In other words, the headband is made sturdier so that it can have a higher clamp force, while the ear cups themselves are made larger. These would make for better passive noise isolation, but the company says that the pads on the cups are comfortable enough to mitigate the tightness. Beyond that, the company also says that test have been conducted in places with warmer climates and higher humidity, which presumably mean that it will remain comfortable for us to wear, even with our warm weather.

Finally, Dyson says that the Zone headphones and air filter combo will go on sale from January in China, with the US, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore getting it later in March. No word on local availability just yet, nor the price tag that will come with it, though the company says that we will be informed “closer to availability”.

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