Finding a smartphone that’s compact and can also keep up with your lifestyle can be difficult. Especially for all of us ladies out there! Not only that, with our nonexistent pockets (most of the time), using a phone too big can get troublesome for many.

That’s why when Samsung released its Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, many of us were left wondering if its battery life could sustain heavy everyday usage. Isn’t the battery too small? What if I need to edit photos and videos, will the phone die on me? These are all questions we had as well.

Well, to put it simply, we decided to put the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 to the test! What better way to answer these questions than to do so practically?

We took the phone out on a full day of photo and video walks while editing them on the go in addition to other miscellaneous tasks to really test out the phone battery’s lifespan. From 100%, we wanted to see if the phone could really last as long as Samsung said it could!

And the result? A full day of heavy everyday usage and still 42% of juice left! Suffice to say, we were all pleasantly surprised by how long the battery was able to last.

You can see how the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4’s battery life fares for yourself through our new video above or just head on to our Lowyat TV’s YouTube channel.

To learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, click here. Similarly, you can also head over to Samsung’s official website to check out all the exclusive deals you can enjoy when you purchase the phone for yourself.

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