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Known mainly for Alien: Isolation and the Total War series, Creative Assembly has announced its first new IP in years. It’s called Hyenas, and it’s a multiplayer team shooter with the wackiest of backgrounds. And a pretty interesting gameplay premise, as a result.

The studio has put up the official announcement trailer on YouTube. And from its description, Hyenas takes place in some sort of alternate far future, where the planet Earth has been destroyed. The rich have made their way to Mars and are living the life there, while the rest of the rabble are “living their worst life” in what is known as The Taint. Described as a orbiting slum, this is probably what remains of post-apocalyptic Earth, or a piece of it.

Hyenas trailer screen
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Despite its destruction, there are still pop-culture artefacts to be found. And the rich colonisers of Mars are hauling a lot of these on their spaceships, probably to be sold to each other at astronomical prices. Players will control one of the Hyenas, space pirates who will attempt to liberate these artefacts. And they will have to shoot past a few “security clones” and other “preventative measures” and up to four other Hyena packs, to get to them.

Considering the premise of Hyenas, there are zero-gravity zones that will shake up what would otherwise be a pretty standard shooter experience. Though the trailer gives hints of it being a third-person over-the-shoulder-camera shooter, it’s not exactly clear as of yet. And since Creative Assembly is a Sega studio, expect to see references to other IPs by the Japanese publisher like Sonic.

Based on the trailer, Hyenas will be available on both generations of both console platforms, as well as Steam and the Epic Games Store on PC. No release date for any of those yet, but there’s a closed alpha that you can sign up for if you feel so inclined.

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