KFC has hit the pause button on their iconic slogan globally “Finger Lickin’ Good” and the tagline has been blurred on its branding. 

There is an online debate whether this is the right thing to do as people say “the slogan was not a health hazard as you were already eating with your own hands.”

Reportedly, the UK Advertising Standards Authority received 163 complaints about a recent KFC TV advert which featured people licking their fingers. The complainants considered the advert was irresponsible because they thought it encouraged behaviour that might increase the chances of Covid-19 spreading. The advert was withdrawn by KFC. 

An industry source shared with MARKETING, “This sort of brand panic is dangerous to the product. Because it now stigmatises the whole KFC concept of an amazing product to a deadly virus. People see this as an apologetic adjustment, and not a corrected civil behaviour.” 

Video: https://youtu.be/-3-XkAwfsms