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The Ministry of Health will begin to provide COVID-19 vaccine booster shots for high-risk individuals on a walk-in basis starting on Monday, 9 January 2023. The move is part of the government’s response to the rising cases in China even though the situation in Malaysia is currently under control.

Among those that have been urged to obtain booster shots are individuals with comorbidities or chronic illnesses and senior citizens aged 60 years and above. Those who have a high risk of developing serious symptoms and complications from the COVID-19 infection are being urged to do so as well.

covid-19 vaccine booster
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Those who wish to talk advantage of the walk-in basis may do so at any government hospital and clinic during clinic hours. According to the most updated statistics, 84% of Malaysia’s population has completed their primary series of the COVID-19 vaccination, however, less than half the country has taken the first booster and only a shocking 1.9%, or 629,215 people, have gotten a second booster shot.

For those who are eligible for a booster but do not fall under the categories for walk-ins, you can still make an appointment for the vaccine through MySejahtera by opening the app’s COVID-19 tab and pick the COVID-19 Vaccination option. You will be able to choose a place, time, and day of your convenience.

China’s surging COVID-19 cases, as well as its recent decision to allow its citizens to travel abroad, has been the cause of worry for many countries. The US, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, and India have already begun requiring arrivals from China to do mandatory pre-departure testing. There have been talks of Malaysia implementing the same policy but instead, Dr Zaliha announced today broader stringent measures at the nation’s international entry points.

The new measures include a fever screening for all overseas arrivals including those from China. The only policy singling out Chinese travellers is that the government will begin testing sewage samples from aircraft coming from China. If the sample is detected to be positive for the virus, it will be sent for genome sequencing, which could possibly track emerging new COVID-19 variants.

(Source: MoH [PDF])

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