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macOS Ventura, the next operating system update for macOS, is overhauling video calls on the platform with a couple of new features that take advantage of the Apple ecosystem. With the upcoming OS, users will be able to directly use their iPhones as a wireless webcam for video calls through a feature called Continuity Camera that can help enhance your video call quality by a huge margin, especially if your current Mac has a low-resolution camera.

With the feature, your Mac will automatically detect and use your iPhone when it is nearby. Furthermore, this feature is compatible not only with FaceTime but also with virtually any video conference apps that are available on the macOS including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.

On a related note, Apple is also collaborating with accessory-maker Belkin to make a mount that lets you clip your iPhone on top of your MacBook, which will be available later this year.

desk view continuity camera
Desk View using Continuity Camera on MacBooks. [Image: Apple]

The tech giant is not just stopping at turning your iPhone into a high-resolution webcam, but it is also bringing over some video calling features that were previously not available on MacBooks. When using Continuity Camera on FaceTime, users will be able to use Center Stage, Portrait mode, and the new Studio Light feature, available for the iPhone 12 and up, which dims the background while highlighting your face.

There is also Desk View, which uses the ultra-wide lens on the iPhone 11 and later models to simultaneously shows the user’s face and an overhead view of their desk. Continuity Camera will be available for the iPhone XR and above while the feature also requires both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be turned on with both the Mac and iPhone signed in to the same Apple ID.

apple macos ventura handoff facetime
[Image: Apple]

Handoff is already a powerful tool that lets users seamlessly continue tasks on different Apple devices and with the upcoming update, it will also be expanded to FaceTime. Regardless of which device you start or answer a FaceTime call from, you will be able to transfer the call between your iPhone, Mac, and iPad without having to drop the call as long as the devices are nearby.

Apple announced several new features with macOS Ventura, including the passwordless Passkeys, the ability to edit sent texts on Messages, and many more. You can check out our article here to read more about the new features coming later this year to macOS.

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