While the world continues dealing with the ongoing GPU shortage at both Team Green and Team Red camps, there are those who are already prepping for the next generation of components, powered primarily by chips made with the 5nm process. Over in China, two Chinese GPU makers are very eager to get their own 5nm-based graphics cards out to market.

The two Chinese GPU companies in question are Innosilicon and Changsha Jingjia Microelectronics, and both of them are reportedly aiming at getting out their own GPUs to market by this year, at the earliest. According to multiple sources, the two manufacturers wish to offer consumers not just 5nm GPU design, but 7nm designs as well. In Innosilicon’s case, its first card, the Fantasy One, is reportedly set to offer a dual-GPU design, featuring a total of 32GB of GDDR6X graphics memory.

As impressive as that sounds, though, it should be noted that its performance doesn’t actually come close to anything either NVIDIA’s high-end GeForce RTX 30 series or AMD’s Radeon RX 6000 series cards offer.In fact, the closest equivalent to the Fantasy One, in terms of power at least, is supposedly NVIDIA’ GeForce RTX 2070, which launched back in 2018.

(Image source: TPU.)

NVIDIA and AMD aren’t the only GPU brands Innosilicon and Changsha are going to have to go up against either. As a quick refresher, Intel is also expected to launch its new ARC Alchemist GPU lineup this year, although, at this stage, there’s still a lot about the lineup that we don’t know about, save for reports and half-masticated rumours that its top-of-the-line graphics card is only going to be on par with NVIDIA’s RTX 3070. But again, we’ll just have to wait until the card comes out in order to find out.

As for Innosilicon’s Fantasy One, we doubt that the component will be making its way to our shores anytime soon.

(Source: DigiTimes via TPU, TweakTown)

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