Celcom MAX Blacknut cloud gaming

Celcom MAX was announced last year as the plan that combines its mobile and home fibre plans. The telco is adding one more optional component to the plan, which is cloud gaming. And it has struck a partnership with Radian Arc and Blacknut to provide this service.

This cloud gaming service works much like the other implementations that you’re already familiar with. Your games are processed remotely – in this case on Radian Arc hardware – and then streamed to your device. But with Blacknut, all you need to pay for is its subscription fee. Unlike, for example, Google Stadia, you don’t need to buy the games and then pay for the subscription. And this service gives subscribers access to over 400 games.

Speaking of subscription, under normal circumstances you’ll have to pay US$12.99 (~RM54) a month. But if you get it as part of your Celcom MAX subscription, this is RM40 a month instead. The telco is also giving subscribers one-month trial access for free.

Celcom MAX Blacknut cloud gaming instructions
Source: Celcom.

The Blacknut cloud gaming service works with most Android and iOS devices as well as PCs and Macs. That being said, the company says that you should use an Xbox One Bluetooth controller for the best experience. You can find out more about this deal as part of the Celcom Max subscription, as well as more information on the Blacknut cloud gaming service itself, by following the links below.

(Source: Celcom, Blacknut)

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