Remember Black Myth: Wukong? The Soulslike that suddenly dropped its first trailer back in 2020? While the game generated a lot of buzz thanks to its gameplay, impressive graphics and unique twist on the Monkey King mythology, it would then return to relative obscurity for a few more months. Its Chinese indie developer Game Science would then gradually reveal more of the game over the next few months. And now, the game has finally gotten a release window.

Over at the game’s official YouTube channel, Game Science has published a short film in conjunction with the upcoming Lunar New Year of the rabbit. You may find certain parts of the short film funny, but it is otherwise pretty inane, save for the very end when it reveals the release window for Black Myth: Wukong. And it’s quite the distant window of summer 2024, which is anywhere between late June and late September.

Black Myth: Wukong summer 2024
Source: Game Science / YouTube.

That being said, props to Game Science for recognising its own long periods of radio silence since the first reveal of Black Myth: Wukong. The short film sees presumably the main character of the short film assembling a modern-enough PC to be able to run the game, only to be greeted with a 2042-day countdown. The next scene, on the other hand, shows the game being played in front of a TV and with a controller, suggesting a console of some sort.

To reiterate, Black Myth: Wukong now has a release window of Summer 2024. As for platforms, Game Science says in the FAQ section of the game’s website that it will be released on PC and “other main-stream consoles”, which presumably includes the PS5, as well as Xbox Series X and S. You can check out the short film, which is embedded above, for yourself. Alternatively, it is also linked below.

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