It is probably not an overstatement to say the Starfield is the most anticipated game by Bethesda right now. Last year, the publisher announced that it had planned to release the game later this year. But now, the company says that it is delaying the game, alongside another titled Redfall, to the first half of next year.

On Twitter, Bethesda says that its internal dev team, Bethesda Game Studios, has “incredible ambitions for their games”, and the publisher wants to give them time to polish Starfield before it reaches the hands of gamers. The same applies to Redfall, which is being developed by Arkane Austin.

These days, delays like this are pretty much expected. Between the pandemic and the work-from-home situation that follows it, and the greater awareness of developer burnout, games will generally take longer to make. This is compounded with Bethesda’s own reputation of releasing games which end up having to not only be patched multiple times by itself, but also by the community at large. Look no further than the long-running series of Skyrim Unofficial Patches as proof of this. And it’s entirely possible that Starfield will be a similar experience in that sense.

Beyond that, Starfield itself has had very little to show fans in terms of actual gameplay. Nearly every time there’s a major Starfield reveal of anything of the sort, it’s a bunch of people from Bethesda sitting in a round table talking up their game. It’s either that or a concept art slide show. In fact, one of the clearest looks we’ve seen of Starfield came from a leak of assets from all the way back in 2018.

At any rate, gamers who are anticipating the game’s release will have to wait a little longer to play Starfield. The same applies to Redfall, the upcoming vampire-themed shooter. Hopefully no one took a week long vacation in November for these games.

(Source: Bethesda / Twitter)

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