BBDO Malaysia’s Executive Creative Director Donevan Chew took to Facebook to reflect on the past while helping his “stars” look for work…..BBDO will let go its staff and close the agency moving forward. MARKETING commends him for the thoughtful message as good people are truly hard to find… 

“If ever the office goes down, will you be the first to jump ship?”

An art director of mine once cheekily asked me. 

“No”, I replied without skipping a beat. 

That’s because I’ve built a team of amazing talents which I’ve grown to be so fond of. 

This is a shout out to them as they continue to #WFH. 

Calvin. Uber reliable senior writer. When I hired him, it felt like I reeled in a group head at a steal. A true big brother who guides and inspires the team. 

Wei Wen. Reminds me of myself when I was a young writer. Not that I’m that old… but yeah, he settles for nothing else but greatness. 

Boon. He can make a classified ad look award-winning. A restless creative who will stop at nothing to find that one idea and will not rest till he crafts it to awesomeness. 

Aki Jay. A young art director who isn’t afraid to punch above her weight. She is never afraid to take on any challenge and shine. 

Jass. She joined me to prove herself. And prove herself she did. With her signature chuckle, she rose to my every challenge and bagged a few awards along the way. Proud that she was poached. 

Michelle. Jovial in her personality, quirky in her ideas. Challenged my judgement, but respected my decisions. Never fails to deliver some bright sparks. Jass’ perfect sparring partner. Both of you will do great. 

Jia Hao. Trusty senior designer. Never lets the art directors down. Never lets me down. 

Firdaus. He can really give any campaign a local spin. An ideator, never a translator. “Ada balls buru idea lokal.” 

Team Flare@BBDO, Zyra, Triston and Kenny. Behind-the-scene magicians who make the impossible, possible. Respect. 

And of course, Bala Chow. My never-say-die right hand man. Who has gone through thick and thin with me. Earned my respect as a creative, earned my trust as a friend. 

Kudos to all of you!