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It was all the way back in September of last year when we last heard of a mobile version of the Battlefield FPS. At the time, only Indonesia and the Philippines had access to the game. Now, it looks like access to the game has opened up a little. In addition to the two aforementioned countries, three others were added to the list of countries that are granted access. They are Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

All that being said, it’s worth noting that Battlefield Mobile is still in its open beta phase. On the Google Play Store, the game is listed as an early access title, which makes sense. According to the FAQ page for the mobile title, there will be several periodical progress resets along the way.

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Source: EA / Google.

Oddly enough, despite this being a beta, you can already buy Battlefield Coins, the premium currency for the game, using real money. Fortunately, when a reset happens, you’ll be refunded the coins you used to get cosmetics. This will also be the only thing that gets carried over to the full game once it gets launched, with purchasers also getting a 25% bonus on all the coins you bought.

In terms of what modes you can actually play, the FAQ page says that the Battlefield Mobile open beta “will include staple modes such as Conquest and Rush”. It will also have maps like Noshahr Canals and Grand Bazaar from Battlefield 3. There’s also a tutorial for first timers, though as a mobile FPS, things should be as intuitive as can be.

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Source: EA / Google.

Just as it was when it was announced last year, only Android devices are getting access to this Battlefield Mobile open beta. No date as to when an iOS version will be popping up, although at this rate, it looks like it won’t be making the previous estimated 2022 window.

(Source: EA)

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