ASUS is reportedly set to throw its lot into the high-end SSD market later this year and it plans on doing that with its SSD: the ROG Strix SQ7. More to the point, the SQ7 is an NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD, and will be launched in the standard M.2 form factor.

Additional details of the SQ7 are scarce, to say the least, with only a poster showing off ASUS’ upcoming M.2 SSD being one of the few indications of its existence. The model on the poster, particularly, also points to the brand’s first iteration of the PCIe Gen4 storage component shipping out with 1TB as the starting capacity, but it is likely that ASUS will also offer higher capacities as well.

At this stage, there would be some of you wondering what exactly the point for ASUS is by releasing such SQ7 this late in the game, and most especially as the world begins to gravitate towards the next-generation PCIe Gen5 interface as a standard. While that mindset isn’t technically wrong, it can also be interpreted that as a first step for the brand to set a foothold within the space. After all, in the 16 years since the foundation of the Republic of Gamers, the sub-brand has since added components such as PSUs into its portfolio, alongside gaming peripherals like keyboards, gaming headsets and mice.

(Image source: ASUS ROG.)

For now, there is not tentative launch date for the product, but online speculation is pointing towards an announcement during this year’s Computex event. Fingers crossed, we’ll hear more about it then.

(Source: ASUS ROG via Facebook, Videocardz)

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