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After over a month and a half of it being announced, Apple is finally making the new Mac Studio (which is partially sold locally), now fully available for purchase in Malaysia. Previously, the local pricing was revealed on Apple’s site almost immediately after it was unveiled but no local release date was provided, leaving Malaysians who want the compact computer waiting in the dark.

Now, it is revealed that the Mac Studio is available for purchase on Apple’s website starting at RM8,799 for the M1 Max model, and a starting price of RM16,799 for the M1 Ultra model. As we’ve mentioned previously, a completely maxed out M1 Ultra Mac Studio with 128GB of RAM and 8TB of storage costs an eye-watering RM32,799.

apple mac studio malaysia price

While you can order it today, it seems that it might take a while to actually get it in your hands. The website estimates that it might take anywhere between three to 12 weeks for the M1 Max to ship, while the M1 Ultra variant will take between seven to 12 weeks, depending on your configuration.

If you’re specifically looking for a base model M1 Max Mac Studio and aren’t willing to wait for several weeks, you may opt to pick it up from Machines. Based on the authorised reseller’s website, it appears that the device is currently in stock, but shipping will require two to four days.

(Source: Apple)

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