2019 iPod Touch

The seventh generation iPod Touch was made available back in 2019. Now, it looks like Apple is discontinuing the dedicated music player line of products. The company says you can still buy one, but only while stocks last.

The announcement was made on the iPhone maker’s own website, recounting the iPod product line’s 20-year history. Apple also says that the ability to take your music with you is already available on a variety of other products, from the iPhone to even its Watch. With that being the case, it’s no surprise that the company has decided to end the iPod product line altogether.

iPod colours
Source: Apple.

With the advent of the iPod Touch, Apple’s dedicated portable music players have turned into phones that can’t make conventional calls. But despite all the new features they have gained over the generations, the increasingly many iPhone models have pretty much made them all obsolete.

These days, it takes a pretty exceptional portable music player that boasts much higher sound quality for it to warrant having it sharing pocket space with your phone. But these tend to be pretty pricey, as Sony’s still running Walkman series can attest. And these won’t appeal to anyone but the most ardent of audiophiles. Unless Apple intends to go down that route with the iPod, this is probably the last we will see of the fruit music player.

(Source: Apple)

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