Alienware Concept Nyx and TV

Video game streaming as a trend has been picking up speed, with smaller scale versions like Steam and PlayStation’s Remote Play, and larger scale forms like Xbox Cloud Gaming. As part of its CES 2022 showcase, Alienware is showing off its take on the former with Concept Nyx.

The idea behind the concept is pretty simple. You play a game on your PC (Cyberpunk 2077 was the example the company chose specifically). Then you head to the living room, pick up a controller and continue your game exactly where you left off on your TV.

In general, this concept works by letting your beefy gaming PC handle all the processing that the game needs, then streaming it to up to four other devices. So essentially it’s a similar thing to both Steam and PlayStation’s implementation of Remote Play, but scaled up slightly. Or cloud gaming solutions like Nvidia’s GeForce Now, but with the server being in your own home. The most obvious bonus here with the Alienware Concept Nyx is the seamless smart switching.

Alienware Concept Nyx - multiple gamers
Source: Alienware.

That being said though, the whole Concept Nyx idea is still in its concept stage, as the name suggests. At the very least, you’ll need an extra beefy system to be able to handle the four streams of your game for this to work. Or indeed, it could need specialised Alienware hardware with proprietary software built in, as the first image of this article indicates.

Speaking of concepts, Alienware also brought up its Concept UFO portable gaming PC from two years  ago. That has remained a concept until now, so it shouldn’t be surprising if Concept Nyx shares the same fate.

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