Back in April, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Book2 Pro, an all-Intel laptop and one of the first of such machines to house the blue team’s first ARC mobile GPU, the A350M. Now it appears that the chipmaker’s higher-tier ARC 7 mobile GPUs, namely the A730M, have come out of the shadows, in the form of a China-made thin and light gaming laptop.

The gaming laptop housing the A730M mobile GPU is officially known as the Discovery Edition 2022, and it is built and assembled by a Chinese company called Machenike. According to the product’s specifications, the Discovery Edition 2022 is a 16-inch laptop, featuring a 2.5K panel with a 165Hz refresh rate. Beneath its hood, the laptop houses both of Intel’s Core i7-12700H mobile CPU, as well as the ARC A730M discrete GPU.

To quickly recap on the specs of the A730M, the discrete GPU has 24 Xe Cores (3072 FP32 Cores), 12GB GDDR6 graphics memory, with a graphics clock of 1100MHz. Additional specifications of the mobile GPU include a 192-bit memory bus and an operational TDP between 80W and 120W.

The bad news is that while some individuals would be interested in getting their hands on a gaming laptop equipped with an Intel ARC mobile GPU that isn’t an ARC 3, the Machenike laptop is only currently available for preorder within the confines of China, and it is very unlikely that the brand has any intentions of exporting its fully Intel-powered gaming laptop beyond the borders anytime soon. Price-wise, the Discovery Edition 2022 is being listed for 8500 RMB (~RM5603).

(Source: JD via Videocardz)

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