HONG KONG, Sep 22, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – In view of the announcement on “Weichai Westport Secures Chinese Certification for WP12 Natural Gas Engine Powered by HPDI 2.0” issued by Westport Fuel Systems Inc. on 18 September 2020, in order to avoid confusion among customers and investors, Weichai westport INC. (the “Company”) hereby issues a clarification statement as follows:

Firstly, the “WP12HPDI” engine referred to the Westport Fuel Systems Inc.’s announcement is the “WP12.460E60HPDI” engine produced by the Company. Although the engine has obtained Certification from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the PRC, it can not be sold to market according to the relevant Laws and Regulations of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Secondly, the vehicles that applicate with the “WP12.460E60HPDI” engine must successfully complete the calibration works of the high altitude, high temperature and cold environment and the durability test of the whole vehicle of over 700,000 km before entering the market for sale.

As a result, the Company is unable to offer the “WP12.460E60HPDI” engine products to the market on commercial terms at this stage. Public customers and investors shall take note.

Weichai Westport Inc.
September 22, 2020

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